Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Being There

Bush doesn't strike me as a guy who thinks well on his feet. In fact, if any President ever seemed like he suffered from A.D.D. it's Dubya. Which is why this story from The AP is particularly troubling. Bush hasn't spent an entire day at the White House in almost a month and a half. Instead, he's being shuttled to and from campaign stops in "21 states in 44 days, including three stays at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, and some time at his family's home on the Maine coast.

Say what you will about Clinton, he was a president who micromanaged. He had his finger on the pulse of every issue on his plate. You knew when Clinton was out kissing babies, he was paying attention to his job. But I just don't picture Bush having the focus for it. As a man who claims never to read a newspaper or any source of independent information, I can only believe that Bush is now (more than ever) at the mercy of his handlers - specifically Cheney and Rove. And though Bush has somehow managed to slack his way into the White House, the thousands of dead and wounded soldiers in Iraq and the millions of Americans out of work or without health care deserve a leader who's paying attention.


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