Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Get Ready For Their Worst

I have known for weeks that once the polls got close again the Rethuglicans would go for broke. Well it's starting. And Kerry better get ready for this:

RedState scoop: The SwiftVets come out swinging
By: krempasky ยท Section: Election 2004

The SwiftVets - remember them? Well, I wrote yesterday that they're coming out with a new ad - focusing on John Kerry meeting with the North Vietnamese (read: the Enemy) while still a naval officer.

Well, I said it was going to be a big ad buy - and it is. We're talking about a pile of advertising. Since their largest previous purchase, according to news reports was $800K during the Republican convention - and this is apparently bigger - this is a whole lot of pain for Mr. Kerry.

Now - onto the commercial. It's brutal. Up till now, the ads have focused on Kerry's honesty about he did in Vietnam - honesty about what he did with his medals. Is he flip flopping or just exaggerating things?

Well, that's enough of that - the new ad clearly focuses on something no one disputes (even Kerry himself, as far as I can tell) - that Kerry met with the enemy while that enemy was engaged killing Americans.

To sweeten the pot, my understanding is that a familar villaness will make an appearance in the ad with the tagline, "She later apologized. He refused." That's right, a Jane Fonda cameo!

Toss all the medals, all the swift Boat controversy - that all pales in comparison to this. Remember - this ad paints John Kerry to the LEFT of Jane Fonda on issues of war and peace.

Keep an eye out for the commerical - tonight or maybe tomorrow.
It's gonna be a streetfight.


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