Thursday, September 16, 2004

New Bush Records On The Way?

In this morning's press briefing, the following bit of calculated foreshadowing occurred.

Q Scott, can you say for certain that -- are you aware of any other documents regarding President Bush's service in the Guard that have not been released?

MR. McCLELLAN: Well, actually, we talked about this earlier today -- some questions came up this morning. And if you'll recall back in February, the President directed the Department of Defense to do a comprehensive search, gather all the records, so that we can make them available publicly. The President's personnel, payroll and medical records were released in their entirety -- I notice you had a comment the other day, I just want to make sure that's clear and that's what I referred to back then. Since that time, there were some further media inquiries. The Department of Defense went back and did -- apparently they didn't do as comprehensive a search as we had requested, and they found some additional documents that weren't in any of those files. And so they have continued to scour through additional files that aren't part of the President's personnel, payroll, and medical files to see if there are any records relating to the President. And my understanding is that that work has continued. I don't know the latest update on it at this point.

Q Have you or others in the White House seen documents that have not yet been released?

MR. McCLELLAN: I have not. I'll try to check. We've been traveling, but I don't know of any other specific documents that have been found at this point. But I know that they're -- I know they're continuing to look at that, so that's a very real possibility.

Why would he even bring it up if it wasn't to lay the track for the "discovery" of something new?


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