Monday, September 20, 2004

That’s All He’s Got?

So I go to and see two posts side by side. The first (on the left) says something like Kerry slams Bush on Iraq. The second (on the right) says something like Bush Fights Back. So I click on the first one and it's all about Kerry's speech at NYU. - an incredibly detailed and powerful diatribe on everything that's gone wrong in Iraq and the many ways Bush is responsible. Then I click on the second story and all it says is Bush warns that the nation needs "consistency" in its leadership. And that's it. Yeah there's something else about Kerry's inconsistency, but even that seemed half-hearted. The rest of the article was literally all about Kerry's speech and the republicans who came out against Bush's handling of the war over the weekend.

Is this seriously all they've got to defend the war? Because I gotta tell you, this is literally the easiest claim in the world to dispute; and it can be done in terms that all red-blooded, red state males can understand. Football. Let's use the Green Bay Packers for our example. (I know, I know a current sore spot for Kerry.) Brett Favre is our quarterback. A future hall of famer. One of the great quarterbacks in NFL history. Let's say the Packers are in the Superbowl. Favre comes out throwing and he's terrible. Just awful. Two interceptions in the first quarter. Three in the second. Suddenly, we're going into half-time and the Packers are losing 31-0. Do they change quarterbacks for the second half? Well, you say, it's a tough call. Favre is a future hall of famer. The Packers live and die with him. If he suddenly comes alive in the second half he could get it all back and then some.

But wait.

Is George Bush Brett Favre? I mean does anyone in this country look at W and think future hall of famer? Possibly best president ever? Not even close. A recent survey of historians overwhelming called him a failure. One went so far as to call him the most irresponsible, unethical, inexcusable occupant of our formerly highest office in the land that there has ever been." Still don't believe me? Look at the polls. The number of people who think Bush is doing a great job can be counted on my penis. Bottom line, Bush is third string at best.

Now go back to my little football analogy. Plug a third string quarterback into the equation. The Superbowl. Down by 31. 5 interceptions. Is that quarterback taking the snaps when the 3rd quarter starts? Are you crazy? He's in the locker room, floating face down in the whirlpool.

Kids are dead here. Our kids. Their kids. Thousands and thousands of them. And every day, more and more are dying still. Sons who won't be coming home. Fathers whose kids will never know them. Brothers and uncles and cousins. All for what? A little man who thinks God is talking to him. Well I've got news for you Mr. President. Those voices in your head? They ain't God. They're the other guy.


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