Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Voter Suppression. It's Bigger Than You Think

Forget about felon lists. Forget about intimidating blacks. Forget about voter registrations rejected because of paper weight. The Bush Administration is working on a much more universal form of vote suppression.


You think all this talk about possible terrorist attacks on or before the election is being brought up simply to warn us? Forget it. If people are scared to leave their house, they won't vote. If voters in major cities are told that they could be next, they won't go to the polls. And who do major cities usually vote for? Democrats. It sounds crazy. I feel crazy saying it. But given all that I have seen over the last four years, I don't doubt for a second that Rove and Cheney are capable of it. They absolutely do not respect our democratic process. Hell, they admitted that they think of us as unruly ten year olds. Simpletons who just don't understand what they're doing for this great country.

So beware. The warnings will increase. The media will run with them. It'll be all terror all the time. Don't believe it. Get your asses to the polls.


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