Monday, October 25, 2004

Bizzaro World Part II

In another clear indication that we went through the looking glass in 2000 (see here for the another), the FBI reports that violent crime is down 3%. Now I know what you're thinking, "what's so bizarre about that?" Well, nothing. Except when you consider the idea that for the first time (probably ever) a sitting President is not touting the fact that the country is safer now than it was before.

I mean can you think of a single other election when the incumbent wasn't shouting numbers like this from the highest rooftops to show how tough he was on crime? Of course not. But in Bizarro World, being safe doesn't fit in with Bush's 'ALL FEAR, ALL THE TIME" mantra. He needs the electorate scared stupid to have any chance at reelection. I mean, my God, if people actually felt safe they might start to notice how hard Bush has been raping this country during the last four years. And then, well, they might just grab their torches and their pitchforks and take to the streets.

Not that their's anything wrong with that.


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