Friday, October 08, 2004


D.L. Hughley on Aaron Brown after the debate:
BROWN: So are you voting for John Kerry? Are you voting against the president? Where are you on that?

HUGHLEY: I'm very clearly voting for John Kerry. I am. I'm very -- you know, to me, I have a hard time voting for a dude that I'm pretty sure I could beat in a spelling bee.

So you know, it's funny because I was watching the last debates, and all of the people were going, "Well, you know, Bush, that's not his format. He's not a good public speaker."

This is a rich white dude who went to Yale. He didn't go to Compton College. If -- if a rich white dude who went to Yale doesn't have command of the English language, he's lazy. That's the deal. He didn't have to walk through a gang-infested neighborhood to do that, just walk past the servants and go to school.

So I think that -- that tells me about the -- the guy who I think he is.

BROWN: Here's what's unsettling for me. I am reasonably sure, because I believe the spell checker was the greatest invention of the last century, that he can beat me in a spelling bee.

HUGHLEY: No, I'm sure. This dude blow up everything he can't spell. How do you spell "Baghdad?" Boom! "That's how you spell it."


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