Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Conspiracy Theory Of The Day

It's not about the oil, it's about the drugs.

As I noted in my recent post Freedom Pusher, drug use in Iraq is on the rise. Now comes a BBC article entitled "Drug smugglers exploit Iraq chaos" which exposes a big rise in drug trafficking along the Iraq/Jordan border.
"Mr Majali believes the drugs are coming from Afghanistan, then being brought through Iran and the Kurdish areas of Iraq. From Jordan they are mostly sent on to the rest of the Middle East..."
Let's take a moment to think about this. First we liberate Afghanistan, where opium production has gone through the roof (now that the Taliban are "gone"). Then we invade Iraq, causing chaos and allowing drug smugglers to run free.


Before you call me crazy, consider this. Oil supplies are running out. Sure it won't be tomorrow or even within the next decade. But the writing is on the wall. Oil prices are over $50 a barrel and experts predict they're heading for $100. Even Republicans will eventually be forced to confront the need for alternative energy sources. Oil will cease to be profitable. A trillion dollar industry will cease to exist. A replacement will be needed. One that won't be so easy to kill. One with - let's say - an unlimited shelf life.


Face it, they'll never end. We need our escapes too badly. The War on Drugs is a fairy tale politicians talk about to make people think they're tough on crime. But wait a second, you think, is he really saying that the Bush empire and its friends at ExxonMobil are getting into the crack business?

Well, this is a conspiracy theory and by their very nature conspiracy theories are shocking and unbelievable. But they are also based in fact - however far removed.

So until somebody disproves it, I'm calling him:


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