Monday, October 11, 2004

Here Come the Swifties

From today's Washington Times
"Kerry betrayed us by telling the people we were committing atrocities," Maj. Day says. "A man who does that is not fit to lead. It's impossible to let this man masquerade as a war hero and someone who has leadership. To imagine this guy who betrayed us becoming president and him being the leader of our armed forces is just unthinkable."
So begins the next round of ads from the wildly discredited SBVT. Now, however, they have a real life war hero leading the charge. Major Bud Day was a prisoner of war and one time cell mate of John McCain. He is revered within the Veteran community. Obviously, he didn't serve with John Kerry. His issue is with Kerry's post-war activities. Specifically, with Kerry's charges of atrocites during the Vietnam War. But as this article shows, there are:
hundreds of files of official U.S. military investigations of such atrocities committed by American soldiers. I've pored over those records—which were classified for decades—for my Columbia University dissertation and, now, this Voice article. The exact number of investigated allegations of atrocities is unknown, as is the number of such barbaric incidents that occurred but weren't investigated. Some war crimes, like the Tiger Force atrocities exposed last year by The Toledo Blade, have only come to light decades later. Others never will. But there are plentiful records to back up Kerry's 1971 testimony point by point. Following (with the names removed or abbreviated) are examples, directly from the archives:
Atrocities happen in war. They happened in Vietnam. For the Swift Boat Veterans to try and tarnish Kerry's record for trying to tell the truth about them, the way he is trying to tell the truth about what is happening in Iraq today is a tragedy. The Vietnam War was an incredibly polarized time in American History. In their opposition to the war, anti-war groups unfortunately took out a lot of their anger on the men who fought it. And there are many veterans who have never forgotten or forgiven. They see John Kerry as the enemy. As a traitor. He is not. John Kerry stood up for what he thought was right. Wouldn't we rather have that kind of man leading this country than one who can only rise by tearing others down?


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