Sunday, October 24, 2004

More "Unbiased" Reporting

So the "BIG SCOOP" from the right has turned out to be a claim that Kerry never talked to some foreign ambassadors he said to he talked to before the war began. Seems pretty weak if you ask me. But then I see this little "breaking news" blog over at the right-wing
I'm pleased to introduce Red State readers to our newest and most welcome contributor, Joel Mowbray. Joel is the author of the Washington Times piece we referred to on Saturday - which will run page 1, above-the-fold tomorrow.. Joel is a long-time columnist, investigative journalist, and author of Dangerous Diplomacy: How The State Department Threatens American Security . He's a dogged reporter -- see, for example, his epic series of confrontations with the State Department's Richard Boucher, one of which led to his being "detained" -- and he's the first person that Red State approached once it became clear that there might be a story here.

He'll be blogging here at Red State to cover developments in the story and respond to any critiques and comments raised. We're lucky to have him, and happy to be able to provide a place for him to cover the story in a way that doesn't depend on print deadlines or studio time.
Nope. No bias here.


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