Sunday, October 10, 2004

Tivo Sales Skyrocket in Battleground States

Responding to the tidal wave of campaign ads that have flooded the airwaves in states like Ohio and Pennsylvania, thousands of irate citizens have been heading to their local electronic stores to find relief. "I'm so sick of messages brought to my by George Bush, I was even considering watching PBS," said Joe Wilson of Cleveland, Ohio. "Then I read about this Tivo thing where you can skip commericials just by pushing a button. I went on my lunch hour and bought three - one for each t.v. in the house."

When told about the skyrocketing sales, Ed Gillespie, the Chairman of the Republican National Committee, expressed concern. "Americans have a solemn duty to participate in the electoral process. Where else will the American public learn the truth about John Kerry's plan to give control of this country to France?"

Interestingly, a short time after our conversation, an amendment banning Tivo as un-American was added to the Jobs Bill curently being argued in the House of Representatives. When contacted by this reporter about the amendment, Mr. Gillespie was unavailable for comment.


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