Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Why Edwards Won

From the Charlie Madigan at the Chicago Tribune:
There is room for both sides to claim a victory of sorts, because Cheney was faithful to the themes the Bush administration has advanced in the campaign. The problem was he could not carry the battle beyond the rhetoric everyone has already heard about flip-flops, changes of heart and general slams against Democrats. That and the fact that he swallows the second half of many of his sentences worked to his disadvantage. I hope people watching on television had a better sense of what he was saying than people listening in the giant media center here.

Edwards, on the other hand, was aggressive right out of the gate. He reinforced almost every theme advanced by John Kerry in the debate with President Bush in Miami last week and at every chance, said the Bush administration had not simply not told the truth to the American people.

Watching it closely, I used the same system I used last week to decide that John Kerry had defeated President Bush in Miami. Every time a debater landed a punch, he got a point. Okay, so there's not a lot of nuance in that kind of system. But at least it's a system.

And it doesn't mean Edward's performance is going to advance the interests of the Kerry-Edwards ticket. What it means is that he's better on his seat than the vice president is when it comes to using numbers to jab and poke.

In 15-minute increments, here is how I ranked their performances.
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