Tuesday, November 30, 2004

2+2=? (Part III)

Bradblog has been doing a fantastic job tracking the myriad of voting irregularity, fraud and recount stories (no not from the Ukraine, from the good old US of A). Risking blogging ettiquete I'm just going to link to his site rather than the individual story pages for the following items:
- a Delaware County, Ohio judge has issued a temporary restraining order "attempting to prevent Cobb from seeking a recount of the presidential ballots cast in that county."

The order, according to the statement, was issued "without contacting or seeking any input from the candidates or their attorneys."

I'm no legal eagle myself, but if true, that fact alone is certainly curious.

The Cobb-Lamarche media director, Blair Bobier, was more direct in a comment included in the release: "It makes you wonder if Delaware County has something to hide. Why else would they try to prevent a recount and issue an injunction without giving the candidates any notice to participate?"

- Black Box Voting files lawsuit against Palm Beach County, Florida for failure to provide public records.

- Yes, it's true! Two reporters from a major American, Corporate-Owned, Mainstream Newspaper are actually investigating the results of Election 2004!

Gonzalez reports this morning, in a piece titled "Ohio tally fit for Ukraine"(!), that he and reporter Larry Cohler-Esses have discovered yet more anomalies in the Ohio vote count! (All by themselves! And they're not even "disgruntled loony left-wing blogger conspiracy theorists!)

Specifically, Gonzalez reports that he and Cohler-Esses have uncovered unusual vote totals in several of Cleveland's black neighborhoods. They studied the precinct-by-precinct totals released by the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections (see the previous story about them) and found that third party candidates has surprisingly high vote totals! In several cases, candidates such as Constitutional Party's Michael Peroutka mysteriously received tallies as much as 600% higher than even George W. Bush's!

- Kerry's Lead Grows 9,242 from Cuyahoga County, OH Provisionals
...Even after 34% of Such Ballots Were Rejected.
What is fascinating to us here at What We Know is the sheer volume of irregularities. Every new story seems to pick up a completely separate incident from the last. When is the mainstream media going to wake up and realize that this isn't tin foil hat time? Something very wrong happened across this country on November 2nd. You don't have to go all the way to the Ukraine to find the fraud. It seems to have happened right here, under all our noses.

Again, this isn't about Bush/Kerry (although anyone who reads this site will know where my allegiances lie). This is about the sanctity of our democratic process. Would I like the recount in Ohio to swing the state to Kerry? Of course. But even those who wouldn't should be terrified at how easily this election was manipulated. Just because your guy "won" doesn't mean you should turn a blind eye from how it happened. If we let this stand, then mark my words it will happen again. And next time they'll get better at it.


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