Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Bush Accidentally Votes For Kerry

Twins spill drink in voting machine

Crawford, TX - President George W. Bush mistakenly cast his vote for John Kerry in today's presidential election. The President realized his error only after being asked by reporters whom he had voted for. "That flip flopper guy," Bush responded. And then, in a seeming reference to the reality series Survivor, Bush cackled and added "I just voted his ass off the island."

When informed that a vote for Senator Kerry was actually a vote to elect him to the presidency, President Bush seemed stunned, asking "Why the hell didn't anybody tell me that? Dammit, this democracy stuff is hard work."

The President quickly shrugged off the error, though, telling reporters "I'm not worried. Mark my words. We're going to win all 48 states. You watch."

In another potentially embarassing moment for the Commander-in-Chief, his daughters Jenna and Barbara managed to spill a cocktail into an electronic voting machine causing a small fire. Luckily, the Bush's polling place was in a fire house and the flames were quickly extinguished.


Blogger BradF said...


In a related, though "reality-based", item...I actually *did* spill my coffee on the sign-in table :-)

Luckily is was a travel mug, so not too much of a mess to clean up, and not too many sign-ins were spoiled by the incident.

November 2, 2004 at 2:31 PM  
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