Sunday, November 28, 2004

By Any Means Necessary

In response to a Mathew Gross article equating Democrats to victims of domestic abuse, Steve Gilliard does us proud:
"I guess Gross doesn't know any abused women. I do. The GOP didn't come into my home and say "I love you" and knock me up. I didn't decide that I needed a strong, aggressive man in my home, or that I didn't mind being lied to. I never trusted the GOP and I worked for them. So did my family. I always knew that they never had my best interests at heart.

This sort of pathetic appeal to victimhood is revolting on it's face and innaccurate as hell.

No, we're not victims, any more than when you play football and one side cheats their asses off. Having seen this for real, you're first stunned, then you appeal to the refs, then you figure out, one, they ARE going to cheat, two, the refs will NEVER call it, and three, you better protect your own ass and get your shots in.
- - - - - -
Now, you can go along with Gross and feel sorry about the mean ol' GOP smacking the shit out of innocent little us, people who just want to do good, or you can say "fine, you wanna cheat? Fuck you. If those are the rules, then they're the rules and we'll play by them too."

It takes time to realize that you're playing dirty. You don't get it at first, or even second, It takes a while, because you think everyone is like you and has your values. You don't do cheap shots. You don't lie to the refs. But when you wake up and realize, well, this is football, then you start to find ways to win. Because once you know the rules, especially the unwritten ones, things become a lot easier.

You're no goddamn victim. You've just been in a game with people who will cheat to win."


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