Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Casualties of War Part III

A serviceman, apparently distraught over the prospect of being sent back to the war in Iraq, threatened to kill himself as he stood naked and screaming outside his house.
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After struggling with officers, the man told police that he was scheduled to be sent back to Iraq in January, but didn't want to because he would be forced to kill more people, police said.
In this day and age of uber violent video games, a lot of these kid soldiers have years of experience "killing" which makes it a lot easier for them to pull the trigger than it was for their parents and great grandparents. Men who grew up being taught "thou shalt not kill."

But the up close reality of what a .50 caliber bullet (or a dozen of them) does to the human body, or the soul destroying image of a child with half a head or napalm burns is something these soldiers are ill equipped to deal and which, frankly, the armed forces doesn't want to acknowledge. After all, their job is to turn these kids into machines, to do whatever they can to help them dehumanize their enemy.

Because of this, I fear we will see a lot more of these kind of stories in the coming years.


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