Thursday, November 18, 2004

George Bush: Freedom Pusher

The UN has warned that Afghanistan could become a "narco-state" after opium cultivation rose by two-thirds this year.

A UN report released on Thursday urged the US and Nato forces to fight drugs as well as Taleban insurgents.

It said Afghanistan now supplied 87% of world opium. In 2003, the trade was worth $2.8bn, representing more than 60% of gross domestic product. One in 10 Afghans are now estimated to be involved in the business. The UN said it would be an "historical error" to abandon the nation to opium.
Now I'm not saying that Bush liberated Afghanistan in order to turn it into the Wal-Mart of Heroin that it was before the Taliban took over (although I kind'a did here), but this is yet another example of the disaster that our rush into Iraq has turned out to be.


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