Saturday, November 13, 2004

I Hope Bush Can Swim Part X

Arctic indigenous peoples have urged the United States to join other nations in cutting greenhouse gas emissions to brake an accelerating thaw of the polar ice.
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"Inuit hunters falling through the ice are linked to the cars we drive," Watt-Cloutier said. "Washington must act." The ICC represents 155,000 Inuit from Canada to Greenland.

Some hunters have drowned by falling through the thinning and thawing ice while tracking the seals, walrus and polar bears which some Inuit rely on for food.

"We thought (global warming) would happen hundreds of years from now, but now ... it's our children, it's us who have to deal with it," said Geir Tommy Pedersen, president of the Saami Council representing reindeer herders from Russia to Norway.

"We are already beyond the time for action," he said.


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