Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I Hope Bush Can Swim Part XI

Melting glaciers caused by climate change are posing an urgent threat to Mount Everest's unique environment, activists said Wednesday, launching a campaign to protect the Himalayan mountain range and the world's highest peak.

Lakes have swolen from the runoff, and unless urgent action is taken, many lakes could burst, threatening the lives of thousands of people and destroying the environment, said the campaigners a collection of mountaineers, Nepalese climbers and a lobby group Friends of the Earth.
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The environmentalists also said climate change threatens the coral reefs in Belize and glaciers in Peru, and will submit petitions to include them on the endangered list.

More than 700 sites are currently on the U.N. Environmental, Scientific and Cultural Organization's Danger List. Inclusion of the Everest park would commit UNESCO to assessing the risk to the area and developing "corrective measures" in conjunction with the government of Nepal.

The climate change problems in Nepal, Belize and Peru were caused by gas emissions from industrialized countries, the group said, adding that it will ask the World Heritage Committee to press countries around the world to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


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