Thursday, November 04, 2004

Never Surrender

Matthew Gross hits on it perfectly:
Conservative evangelicals won this election for Bush, without a doubt; but Democrats should not make the mistake of abandoning a base of 56 million voters to pursue 18 million who won't ever vote for us, anyhow. After all, if Kerry had won, would you see the Republican Party running to get the gay vote? Not on your life.

America is a religious country, but it is a religious country with a long history of secular government. Pandering to the radicals on the other side who want to destroy that tradition is not the way to win in 2006. Our values are the values of our Founders-- a civic tradition of mutual responsibility, tempered by virtue and guided by character. Stop quoting the Lord's prayer and start quoting our Forefathers-- or face the secular backlash that will surely be coming in 2006.


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