Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Super Spin Me

From Patrick Goldsmith at the L.A. Times:
No film this year gave me more horrified howls of enjoyment than "Super Size Me," the documentary where director Morgan Spurlock offers a visceral firsthand portrait of the hazards of fast food by embarking on a 30-day McDonald's-only diet. Spurlock's cholesterol levels skyrocket, his liver functions deteriorate, he gains nearly 30 pounds — all in a matter of weeks. It gets so ugly that his doctor tries to put a stop to the film, saying his health is at risk.

It got me to thinking. What if I were to test my health in a different way — spending presidential election week watching Fox News exclusively? Call it the Liberal Cold Turkey Diet: no CNN, no Dan Rather, no PBS, no Paul Krugman columns. My only oxygen would be the pure, unfiltered, high-octane air of Fox News. What better week to test the network's claims that, while its commentators might lean to the right, its news programming is straight down the middle.
Click here to read the grisly results.


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