Monday, November 08, 2004

Where's My Shiny, Happy War?

From the incomparable Today in Iraq.
Occasionally, I receive email from thoughtful conservatives. Almost always, they complain that I don’t report the “good news” from Iraq and that I don’t offer any solutions.

I started this blog as a direct result of the American media’s complete failure to adequately cover the war outside a 24-hour news cycle. I don’t intentionally exclude “good news” stories, but the fact of the matter is that there is no good news coming from Iraq. “Good news” would be a decline in insurgent attacks, improved security, secure roads, repaired and functioning electric systems, oil pipelines and water facilities. You don’t see “good news” here because none of that is happening.

I don’t offer solutions because I didn’t start this war. Like millions of other Americans, I actively opposed Bush’s War. Partisan conservatives demonized us as “unpatriotic” and “peaceniks” and "hippies" without ever listening to our message. It’s helpful to remember that every bad thing the anti-Bush War people predicted has happened, while everything the neo-conservatives promised has failed to materialize. I didn’t shit the bed so I have no obligation to clean it up or sleep in it.

Thanks to 19 months of blundering by Bremer and Allawi, there are no good solutions remaining. William R. Polk, writing in a guest editorial at Informed Comment, describes probably the last viable solution to establish a stable Iraqi government and avoid a catastrophic American defeat. Since his proposal runs contrary to the impossible objectives of the neo-cons (who are still in charge of this fiasco) our “decisive” president will most likely opt to stay the course to disaster.

Personally, I think Polk is an optimist. I think there has been so much hate generated by an unnecessary invasion and botched occupation that we are one stupid mistake from being driven out of Iraq by an enraged and unified population. We may have made that mistake this morning near Fallujah.

Throughout this last election campaign, it was clear to any rational American citizen that the Iraq occupation is failing badly and George W. Bush simply plans to sustain current policy. Any conservative who voted for Bush isn’t looking for solutions and is content with reassuring slogans. So don’t come crying to me about “solutions.” You had your chance to help fix this mess and you blew it.

And if you really, really want happy crap disguised as “good news,” go visit Chief Wiggles fantasy blog.


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