Thursday, December 09, 2004

Beware The Tsunami of Bullshit

Or so says the WP (although not in quite the same way):
Convinced his leadership style and policy vision were vindicated by the election results, Bush is aggressively targeting these domestic programs for the second term by essentially replicating the formula he used to reshape foreign policy in the first. This includes creating a small, loyal and trustworthy team to press for sweeping changes largely dictated by the White House.

To build public support and circumvent critics in Congress and the media, the president will travel the country and warn of the disastrous consequences of inaction, as he did to sell his Iraq and terrorism policies during the first term, White House officials said. He is also enlisting well-funded conservative groups such as the Heritage Foundation to help build the case for change -- or "reform," in the words of the White House -- through ads and commentary on television and in targeted publications, the aides said.
Get your shovels ready boys and girls. And be prepared for a fight, because if they win on the "ownership society" crap, you can say goodbye to your healthcare and pensions (and forget about Social Security.)


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