Sunday, December 05, 2004

Knock Knock

A group of election activists called Transparent Democracy - including civil rights attorney Michael Sussman, Greenburgh town supervisor Paul Feiner, and four others - attempted to present the complaint at noon today while dozens of protestors carried signs outside supporting the call for an investigation.

The smaller group was denied access to the FBI's Westchester offices at 222 Bloomingdale Road in White Plains. Organizer Nicholas Mottern had previously arranged with the office to present the complaint. However, when they arrived in the building's lobby, he and the others were informed by building security that the FBI had instructed management not to allow them access to the Bureau's offices, and that the FBI would not send a representative down to the desk to accept the complaint. In response to the Bureau's action, Sussman, Feiner and Mottern signed into the building register and left the document with the desk clerk for delivery to the Bureau.

A local cable news station later reported that the FBI refused to accept delivery of it. In response to the Bureau's actions, the group called another rally for Wednesday, December 8 at noon to demand that the Bureau accept the complaint and investigate the allegations of fraud in time to prevent a possible theft of the election. Wednesday's rally will likewise take place at 222 Bloomingdale Road in White Plains. Video of the attempted presentation of the complaint, and some footage of the rally, is available at and more footage will be posted over the weekend.


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