Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The War On Science (Part II)

AmericaBlog joins the Resistance:
Here's one thought: the next time someone tries to shove their religious beliefs into your local public school's science class, make a counter proposal. Demand that the school teach that the pyramids in Egypt were built by aliens. You could quickly print out lists of hundreds -- if not thousands -- of books, movies and TV specials that bolster this claim and prove it's a valid "scientific theory" that your kids should not be denied hearing in the interest of fairness.

Also propose that your kids be taught humans were put on earth by aliens, the truth about UFO abductions, time travel, how we didn't really travel to the moon (it was faked, you know) and you name it. There are plenty of quack "scientists" with actual degrees who will argue for this bunk. Once your school board has to deal with a whole bunch of junk "science," they might be more willing to dismiss it ALL in favor of accepted scientific fact. Point out that not ONE public university teaches Creationism as a valid scientific fact and ask why you want to teach your children something that every reputable college in the country will tell them is idiotic and wrong.

Next week: how to defend your geography class from fundamentalists who insist the world is flat.


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