Sunday, January 16, 2005

Booh Hooh, He Lied To You, Too

Folks at Redstate are up in arms about Bush and those gay people
President to Conservatives: Screw You
By: Augustine ยท Section: Social Issues

On the domestic front, Bush said he would not lobby the Senate to pass a constitutional amendment outlawing same-sex marriage. -The Washington Post

In one interview, the President has effectively undercut the entire movement in favor of traditional marriage - a movement that in no small part helped re-elect him in November.
- - - -
President Bush needs to decide what kind of President he is going to be in his second term. Is he going to be the kind of President who does what he says, or is he going to be the kind of President many of us thought John Kerry would be - one who oftentimes knows what is right, but lacks the will or the basic honesty to stand by his word?
Meow. Somebody pass the popcorn. This should be fun.


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